The production process

Breeding and Juveniles

The first step of production is the breeding of juveniles carried out in NIREUS land-based hatcheries. Fertilized eggs from these broodfish are incubated and hatched under highly controlled conditions.

The tiny larvae are initially fed specially grown live feeds then weaned onto dry diets. The feeds are specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of the fish in each phase of their development.


This is the last stage of juvenile growth before transferring to fattening (on-growing) farms. This step is used to give juveniles the best start when the water is cold, as in open-sea farming or for winter placement.

When NIREUS juveniles weight from 0.3 to 1 gram, they are transferred to Predomar’s facilities in Spain. They stay in large inland tanks where they make gain weight and begin a gradual transition into a systematic diet.

The water used in the tanks comes from the sea and, because our unit is located next to the natural park of Cabo de Gata, our juveniles grow in crystal clear sea water in conditions that come closer to natural.


Finally, the juveniles are transferred to the sea in large tanks on trucks. They are placed in special cages for the on-growing or fattening season and their maturation into adult fish.

The cages are moored in the sea and ensure the fish welfare. They allow the fish freedom of movement, but also offer protection from predators. The fish are fed special diets for optimum health and best growth.

We produce our fish in an open-sea farm, in strong currents. The fish is given ample water to swim and rest and the rearing conditions are strictly controlled by biologists and trained personnel.

Harvesting and Packaging

When the fish in the cages have reached market weight (about 400g), they are harvested. The harvest of the fish is carried at night or sunrise with the outmost care so as not to damage or stress the fish. The harvested fish are placed in ice in insulated tanks and transferred to the packaging plant.

In the packaging plant the fish is graded according to size and packed in special insulated shipping with drainage. The boxes guarantee that the fish will arrive at final destination fresh and in perfect condition.